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Reasons My Debit Card Was declined [And How To Fix Them] Featured

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Why my debit card keeps declining: tips to fix it Why my debit card keeps declining: tips to fix it
Debit or credit card innovation can’t be overemphasized, if only for the convenience of making transactions at your desired location or moving of your fund at ease without the long queue

Debit or credit card innovation can’t be overemphasized, if only for the convenience of making transactions at your desired location or moving of your fund at ease without the long queue

Albeit, overprotective financial institutions, and users mostly caused the debit card decline problem from card reader machines or online store purchases, which undermines ignorant thus preventing users from fully leveraging the favorable factors attached to it, leading us to the rundown here, Debit Card Was declined

A physically damaged debit card or credit card

This may occur in different ways,

Damage to embedded computer chip

The EMV [Europay, MasterCard, Visa] card, also known as smart debit card, there is a metallic chip embedded on the front of the card which does not really store your identity information but protects you from extortion. How? The metallic chip establishes a unique transaction ID and hides your personal information whenever you use it. With your ID fallen into the wrong hands, you are still safe, for is useless in their possession.

  How do you inadvertently compromise the chip?

  • Scratches from metallic and sharp objects [keys, coins]
  • Spillage of liquids [water, coffee] does not directly damage the card. When the heat from the dryer or frequent tumbling renders, the card warped or bent, that is when you bear a damaged card.
  • Exposure to high temperature, leaving your card in a car, with all the windows rolled up in the scorching sun, could warp your credit card, resulting in damage

How to avoid it

  • However, while it is possible that your debit card may survive some contact with liquid, avoid doing so on the pretext that it is water-resistant just to be careful.
  • Keep it away from heat
  • You could start emulating wallet practices, to avoid sharp objects from grazing the chip from your pocket

Damage to the black magnetic strip

The strip which contains iron-based magnetic material accommodates your identifying information and data, when you slot or swipe it through any card reader appliance [ATM, POS] an electronic device in those readers senses the magnetic codes to convert them into readable words and numbers to process any desired request.

Magnetic strip damage scenarios

Placing it closer to magnetic devices like a TV/radio speaker, wallet magnet.

Placing your card closer to electromagnetic induction energy appliances [wireless charging pad] under the pretext of keeping it for safety into the wireless charging case of your smartphone,

Thereafter placed on the wireless pad for smartphone charging, instantly you just damaged the credit card, exposing it to the strong magnetic field that exceeds what it could handle is a perfect excuse.

A friend of mine once peeled off a warped film at the back of his debit card containing the magnetic strip, with restoring a new look to the card, it got declined the following day at the ATM, until he employed one of the related tips below

How to fix magnetic strip issues on card

  • To enhance the sensitivity of a debit card from the card reader, cleaning the magnetic strip with solution [isopropyl alcohol, methylated spirit] and lint-free cloth should do the hygiene.


  • For peeling off issues, with an adhesive, simply spread it slightly over the surface of the magnetic strip position before placement of the strip, while using a seal tape you should go for the transparent type to enable the reader’s readability and ensure edge-to-edge secured placement with no excessive part dangling at aside.


  • Keep away a debit card from magnetic objects or devices emitting electromagnetic induction energy.

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You have no sufficient funds on your debit card

Only a few of the world’s financial institutions would allow you to take out more money than you have in your account; otherwise, requirements and conditions would have to be met.


  • Make use of your financial institution’s overdraft protection
  • Get your bank USSD code to check your balance inquiry through your bank reg number
  • Your financial institution mobile banking app should also make it easier to check

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Inactivated card

Before you can use your new debit card, you’ll probably need to do a few things, including contact a phone number at the bank or change a few settings on the card (like the default passcode provided to you).


Request all the details and how to consign the activation of the debit card before usage.

Transaction limit

The financial institution restricts money withdrawal for a variety of reasons, including the preservation of the fund and the particular withdrawal limit attachment to select accounts.


  • Know the daily withdrawal limit of your debit card to avoid the liable embarrassment of returning those shopping cart items back to the shelf.
  • Notify your bank of transaction limit extension when you need to.
  • Unmatched personal info

This scenario is like internet buying, when only a few personal details are required [debit card names, address] and compared with your bank information before completing your transaction. Your request would be denied if the specifics did not match.


Ensure you supply information that corresponds with the card in question


An expired debit card or credit card

If you have an outdated card, you have a very slim chance at the ATM or point of sale terminals


Procure for replacement of your card before the due date engraved on it, to avoid accidental or sudden occurrences similar to this in the future.


Manipulated card reader

You may never know if that point of sale [POS] machine or ATM is infected with bugs to launch a malicious attack, compromising the sensitivity of your debit card to the reader.


Kindly test your credit card elsewhere on your way back

International transaction

A strange transaction could trigger up a red flag, causing your financial institution to put your credit card on hold, restricting the intercontinental transactions.


  • Explore a reader or machine that supports your debit/credit card in that foreign land
  • Notify your card issued before your trip or immigration

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Joint holder deactivation of card

 Any joint bank account opened with a third party could be deactivated without your knowledge, while the occurrence of this may render you helpless at the payment spot, especially when your credit card is about to be swiped at the reception desk without legal tender in your possession.


  • Don’t be too soft to safeguard your joint account by registering for joint tenants in common [JTIC] account type, where each holder or tenant doesn’t have the full right to alter terms or gain the asset of the account unbeknownst to other holders or partner
  • Notify your bank of resetting your password
  • Keep your password somewhere safe after memorizing it.

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Technical glitch

Computers are not 100% reliable. Financial institutions could experience errors or attacks like server outages, cascading errors, and security breaches, but keep you hanging without prior notice, hoping to swiftly fix the issue.


  • Social media are so much advice to be on the lookout for such, to ensure if it is widespread, hashtags and tweets should also be a boon or positively contribute to this effect.
  • Wait until they resolved the issue


Incompatible card standard

Ensure using the supported payment method from the point of sale [POS] machine and know that some ATM or card reader accept not all cards


  • Ask or check the debit/credit card type accepted


Flagged for fraud

This part is in your best interest if changes in location, international purchase, strange increment, or transaction is about to occur, they could decline your card


  • Inform your financial institution that all the attempts are directly coming from you to get the ban lifted.
  • Notify your debit card or credit card issuer of the above occurrences 

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I can still perceive the long face. The insufficient fund mostly caused these circumstances and to keep you safe from the bane of theft or attack,

After all, it’s better to get a declined transaction than lose hard-earned monthly savings/credit, inform your financial institution about it, surely your withdrawal or purchase complaint would be resolved at once.


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