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Corporate profile OUR VISION Independent Communications Network Limited nurtures the vision to emerge as Nigeria’s biggest multi-media business outfit. OUR MISSION We shall be dedicated to the promotion of the principles of civilized nationalism, democracy, political and economic pluralism, liberty and equality of the various ethnic groups of the Nigerian Federation. But our independence will not be an excuse for opportunism and spineless neutrality on the major issues that affect the well-being of the Nigerian people. We shall be partisanly neutral on the side the truth, justice and good government. We shall tell our stories and narrate our events primarily in terms of people in a most beautiful form. Our practice shall be informed by the need to restore the primacy of a vigorously probing tradition. OUR CORE VALUES All our titles and outfits are conceived as a statement of a new generation dedicated to the cultivation and protection of core liberal and democratic values. ABOUT US: Foundation Team Bayo Onanuga, Idowu Obasa, Dapo Olorunyomi, Babafemi Ojudu, Alhaji Sani Kabir, Kunle Ajibade, Seye Kehinde. Management Team Bayo Onanuga – Managing Director/CEO (e-mail: aonanuga1957@yahoo.com; aonanuga1956@gmail.com) Babafemi Ojudu – Managing Editor Kunle Ajibade – Executive Editor (e-mail: kajibade@gmail.com) OUR PEOPLE BAYO ONANUGA “He is the managing director, editor-in-chief of TheNEWS Group. He is a fellow of the Nigerian Guild of Editors and a member of the World Association of Newspapers. He was born in Ijebu-Ode on 20 June, 1957. He attended Ijebu Muslim College, Ijebu-Ode (1970-1974), Federal Government College, Odogbolu (1975-1977) and University of Lagos (1977-1980), where he graduated in Mass Communications, with Second Class (Upper Division) degree. At the university, Onanuga was a John F. Kennedy Scholar, arising from the scholarship, he won for participating in a national essay contest in 1977. After graduation, Onanuga first worked as Client Service Executive at Practions Partners, before he crossed over to OGTV (1982-1983). In July 1983, he joined the Guardian as sub-editor; January 1985, National Concord as Senior Features Writer and later same year as Senior Correspondent for the weekly magazine, The African Concord. Onanuga became editor of the magazine in 1989. In April 1992, he resigned his appointment over the insistence of his publisher that he apologise over a story on Ibrahim Babangida, the military dictator of that time. Onanuga thereafter led his colleagues, who resigned with him to found TheNEWS Group in 1993. Onanuga has been the MD/E-I-C since then. As a journalist, Onanuga has won several awards, the most prestigious being the Lord Astor Award for Courage and Commitment to Press Freedom. It was bestowed on him by the 50-nation Commonwealth Press Union in 1994. BABAFEMI OJUDU (Journalist, Political Activist): Born on 27th of March, 1961 in Ado-Ekiti, he attended Emmanuel Primary School and Ado Grammar School both in Ado-Ekiti for primary and secondary education. After high school in 1977, he worked briefly as a Clerical Officer with the Ministry of Education in Ondo State and the Federal Morrgage Bank (FMBN), Lagos. He was admitted to study English at the University of Ife, Ile-Ife now known as Obafemi Awolowo University. At the university, he was very active in student politics and campus journalism. He graduated in 1984 with a second class (lower division) degree. Upon the completion of the NYSC at the Publications Unit, Faculty of Education, University of Ibadan in 1985, he joined The Guardian as a Reporter-Researcher. While in The Guardian, he reported for Guardian Express, an afternoon publication. In 1987, he completed a Master’s degree in Political Science at the University of Lagos. He left The Guardian to join The African Concord magazine as a Staff Writer the same year, rising to become an Assistant Editor, before leaving in 1992 to join his other colleagues in establishing TheNEWS magazine. At the Concord, he was Chairman of the Chapel’s NUJ, Secretary of Lagos NUJ Ethics Committee and Chairman, Human Rights Committee. Ojudu has also served on the board of International Freedom of Expression Exchange (IFEX), a global media advocacy group based in Canada. He had since variously worked as Managing Editor; TheNEWS, Editor P.M.News; Editor, TEMPO magazine and Editor, A.M. News, a daily newspaper. Ojudu has won many awards both as a reporter and an editor. He is married and has children. KUNLE AJIBADE (Journalist, Essayist and Author): He was born on 28th of May, 1958 in Nigeria. Ajibade attended Muslim Grammar School, Ibadan, Oyo State, College of Arts and Science and the University of Ife, Ile-Ife, where he obtained his first degree in English Studies. Shortly afterwards, he earned a Masters degree in Literature-In-English in the same institution. After graduation, he worked as a Copywriter with Grant Advertising in Lagos; Senior Correspondent, The African Concord; Assistant Editor, The African Guardian; and now he is Executive Editor, TheNEWS and P.M.News. In the course of his job as a journalist, he suffered imprisonment during the reign of General Sani Abacha. The account of his three years in jail is documented in the book titled: Jailed for Life: A Reporter’s Prison Notes. The book won the Victor Nwankwo Book of the year award in 2005. Ajibade is married and has children. EDITORS Babajide Otitoju Ademola Adegbamigbe Tayo Odunlami Bamidele Johnson David Odey BABAJIDE KOLADE-OTITOJU (Journalist and Polemicist) Born 40 years ago in Zaria, Kaduna State, he is married and has one child. He attended Government High School, Ilorin, Kwara State, College of Technology and the University of Ilorin, where he obtained a first degree in History. After graduation in 1989, he had his national youth service at Kaduna Polytechnic. He then joined the Democrat Newspaper, Kaduna as Features/Sports Writer. He was there until December 1992 when he joined TheNEWS magazine as foundation staff. In 1999, he became Editor of P.M.News, a position he held until 1st August,2005 when he was promoted Senior Editor of TheNEWS. ADEMOLA ADEGBAMIGBE (Journalist and Polemicist) Born on 18th of May, 1963 in Ado-Ekiti, he attended Ola Oluwa Grammar School, Ado Ekiti and the University of Ado Ekiti where he obtained B.A in English (second class upper division) in 1992. He capped these up with a Masters in Public and International Affairs at the University of Lagos in 2005. After his National Youth Service in Osun State in 1994, he joined TEMPO Magazine same year as a reporter. He moved to the Post Express in 1996 and returned to Independent Communications Network Limited (ICNL) in 1998 as a senior reporter with TheNEWS. He was promoted Senior Staff Writer in January 2000. He was appointed Editor in May 2001, a position he held till August 2005, when he was elevated to the position of General Editor. He is married and has two children, a boy and a girl. TAYO ODUNLAMI (Journalist and Writer): Associate Editor He was born on 12th of March 1961. He attended Times Journalism Institute where he obtained a Diploma in journalism in 1989. He began his active career in journalism in the same year  with The Diplomat magazine. In 1993, he joined Citizen Magazine as Head of Business Desk. He moved over to TheWEEK magazine in 1996 and by 1999 he had risen to become its acting editor. He joined TheNEWS the same year. Odunlami’s versatility spans all spheres of journalism. Apart from business reporting, he has done stories on politics, sports and the arts. He was DAME Reporter of the year 1999. In 2000, he was a joint winner of the International Consortium of  Investigative Journalists award. The ICIJ is based tin the USA.  A lover of sports and reading, he is married and has two children. BAMIDELE JOHNSON (Journalists and Writer) Bamidele Johnson was born in Ibadan on 22nd of February, 1968. He attended Ibadan High School, where he obtained his WASC in 1983. He holds a Bachelor of Ars degree in History from the University of Ado-Ekiti (1989) and Post-graduate Diploma in Advertising from the Nigerian Institute of Journalism. He joined ICNL in 1996 as a reporter with TEMPO.  He was promoted Editor of the weekly tabloid in May 2001 and Associate Editor, TheNEWS magazine in August, 2005. He is married and has a daughter. DAVID ODEY (Journalists and Writer) He was born on 1st of January 1962 at Okuku in Yala Local Government Area of Cross River State. He studied at Mary Knoll College, Okuku between 1973 and 1978. He attended Nigeria Institute of Journalism, Ogba, Lagos (1987-1989) and proceeded to the University of Lagos to read English between 1998 and 2003. He is the editor of P.M.News. OUR PRODUCTS The flagship of the stable, TheNEWS magazine, came into existence on 8 February 1993. A quality weekly magazine, it promised to stand as the epicenter of the glorious continuity between the great past and the promising future of the journalism profession, ushering the reading populace into the world of a new experience in magazine publishing. Hence its slogan; defining the present, shaping the future. Till date, it has not reneged on the fulfillment of this agenda. TheNEWS combines a vigorous political reporting with a vibrant and knowledgeable reporting of business, the arts, health, fashion, environment etc. This makes it a total news package every week. To enhance its production quality, the management recently acquired a FAST 300 web-offset machine. Right now, the magazine circulates between 40 and 50,000 copies every week. With active sales offices in the major capitals and appointed distributors across the country, TheNEWS reaches every part of Nigeria every Sunday morning in readiness for sale on Monday. It also leaves Nigeria for the international market every Sunday night. TheNEWS website: www.thenewsng.com is very active. It has attracted millions of readers all over the world. P.M.NEWS Introduced in August 1994 to satisfy a yearning for a fresh, breezy and entertaining afternoon paper in Lagos and its environs, P.M.News is positioned as a paper for everyone. We realised that  readers yearn for hot news but have little time to read a bulky publication. So the paper was designed as a small volume (16-page) publication with a strong news orientation. The entire package has the right balance, presenting regular columns on fashions, interviews with notable men and women and vibrant sports and entertainment sections, etc. P.M.News Friday edition is a weekend package, with a bias for entertainment. It comes out in a 24-page format. P.M.News circulates an average of 60,000 copies daily in all parts of Lagos metropolis, reaching Ikorodu, Otta and Ibadan. OUR STORY SO FAR TheNEWS made its entry into the crowded Nigerian news magazine market on 8 February 1993. Its arrival triggered anxiety within the military junta, then governing Nigeria. TheNEWS was not just another magazine, it was born to crusade and it had a reputation that even predated its birth. At the African Concord where most of its founding team departed to found TheNEWS, they had entered the black book of the ruling junta by publishing a story for which the General Ibrahim Babangida administration wanted an apology. The editors resigned their appointments instead of offering an apology. Conceived in the dying days of the Babangida regime, it was inevitable that TheNEWS could also embody some of the challenges of the period, which were the struggle for democracy, free enterprise, transparency and accountability in governance. The fear that the junta would not allow the magazine to survive became real. Three months after TheNEWS hit the newsstands, security men impounded about 100,000 copies of the magazine at the printing press in Lagos. Then they shut down the offices of the company. But the editors defied all these setbacks and continued to publish the magazine underground. By July the same year, the authorities, not amused by the defiance of the editors, proscribed TheNEWS out of existence. Apart from that, the editors were all declared wanted by the police. But TheNEWS editors could not be cowed. Instead, they gave birth to a new publication called TEMPO. As a tabloid, TEMPO was an instant success. It was described as a child of circumstance by the editors when it was published. TEMPO was born as an underground paper and actually kick-started the era of guerrilla journalism in Nigeria. After the Abacha government was installed in November 1993, TEMPO came out of its trenches. TheNEWS was also unbanned and the publishing company, Independent Communications Network Limited (ICNL) lived a normal life. But the respite was for just a short while as the Abacha regime consolidated its grip on power. As TheNEWS and TEMPO  continued the vigorous and critical reporting of the Abacha administration, the editors and journalists who worked for these publications, sooner became targets of the security agencies. The journalits were put under constant surveillance. Many were arrested and detained. By April 1998, thirteen of our staff including the Managing Editor, Mr. Babafemi Ojudu were locked up in jails across the country. The Executive Editor, Mr. Kunle Ajibade was roped into a phantom coup plot. He was  jailed for life under a charge that was novel in the history of our country. His experience has already been documented in a book entitled Jailed For Life: A Reporter’s Prison Notes. In 1995, security men in their desperation burnt the offices of TheNEWS in Ikeja. The height of this harassment and repression came in 1998 when members of TheNEWS staff were arrested and detained by the police. All the offices of TheNEWS and TEMPO were shut down and occupied by the policemen. But there was no killing TheNEWS, TEMPO, P.M.NEWS and all other titles published by the organisation. Respite came for the organisation on 8 June 1998 when Abacha died suddenly and the General Abdusalami Abubakar government took over. This liberal military government midwifed Nigeria’s  new democracy. TheNEWS with the slogan defining the present, shaping the future has been repackaged to combine a vigorous and knowledgeable reporting of politics and business. Its primary targets are  the decision makers in business and politics etc. Its authoritative reporting of the arts, health, fashion, environment etc makes TheNEWS a compelling total package every week. Less than eighteen months after TheNEWS was founded, it shone like a star in the 52-nation Commonwealth Press Union (CPU) when its Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief, Mr. Bayo Onanuga was honoured with the 1994 Lord Astor Award for commitment and exemplary courage to press freedom. It was the first time the award was bestowed on any Nigerian. Similarly, the magazine’s erstwhile editor, Mr. Dapo Olorunyomi was named the co-winner of the prestigious International Editor of the Year Award in New York U.S.A. Other awards of excellence won by TheNEWS editors and reporters in recognition of the magazine’s investigative reporting and peerless editorials include the inaugural Canadian Journalist Free Expression (CJFE) Award given to the Editor-in-Chief, Mr. Onanuga and the Managing Editor, Mr. Babafemi Ojudu. TheNEWS also won the international consortium of Investigative Journalists Award in year 2000 in USA. The Victor Nwankwo Book of the Year Award was also won by Mr. Kunle Ajibade. OUR BRANCHES Kaduna, Abuja, Jos, Kano, Jalingo, Makurdi, Enugu, Port Harcourt, Uyo, Warri, Benin, Akure, Ibadan

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