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29 Rhodes Crescent, Apapa, Lagos.
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Emeka Dimude
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Household furniture moving and packing. • Export of personal Belongings from anywhere in Nigeria to anywhere in the world. • Import of Personal Belongings from anywhere in the World to anywhere in Nigeria. • Receiving and chaperoning of guest at the Airport and Land Boarders.   Import and export clearance for Sea and Air:   Traditionally at Blue Anchor Agency Limited we pay special attention to the gathering, analysing, evaluation and preservation of information for future use, thus our over twelve years active participation in the logistics industry in the sub-region of West Africa has afforded us the opportunity to have a very rich and up to date data base on cargo clearance in the sub-region for both Sea and Air.    We have also continued to consciously cultivate and build relationships with the major players in the Industry and this has helped us to put in place a robust strategy that conveniently accommodates the peculiarities of both the importation and exportation of goods in the Sub-region. We provide end to end solutions 

regarding customs clearance from the preparation of documents to the point of delivery and in some cases we offer after delivery services just to ensure that our clients always get good value for their money. In our operations we are particular about saving our clients from incurring unnecessary costs such as shipment damage; cargo delay and cargo down time. We also have an integrated information management system that ensures that you have access to step by step details of your freight from collection through to delivery.    Freight Forwarding Services for Sea and Air: A critical issue for most consumers of logistics services particularly in West Africa and the sub-region is reliability on the part of services providers.   In Blue Anchor Agency Limited over the years we have continued to show our clients that we are very reliable in the manner we discharge our duties conscientiously. In addition to this, we have also established very good network through waterways, airways and on land thus we can confidently say that we have built the capacity in international Freight forwarding services that is able to provide prompt solution to all the peculiar needs of our clients for very reasonable and competitive charges no matter the nature, We also have the capacity to handle various kinds of cargo ranging from Organic and inorganic chemicals to Poultry & Animal feed Supplements, from agricultural products like fruits and vegetables to other perishable items such as confectionary products , from heavy industrial Equipment for the construction and oil industries to agricultural machinery, from engineering project cargo such as Iron & Steel, steel alloys to non-alloy and plastic materials as well as raw materials.    Door To Door Services for Import and Export: In Blue Anchor Agency Limited our esteemed clients’ cargo is given top priority and forwarded promptly to assure the fastest transit time from anywhere in the world to wherever the client wants it.  We have our tentacles spread all over and have put concrete arrangement in place to get our client’s goods to their door steps in order to meet with their unique needs. We are able to easily integrate our operations in the different countries we operate in thus whether door-to-door or airport-to-airport, Day or Night our ever dedicated members of staff are always at your service to deliver value for your money.       Warehousing: At Blue Anchor Agency Limited we have the know-how and necessary experience to design and manage the warehousing process so that our client’s logistics needs in their supply chain are efficiently met and problem free. Warehousing your goods with us gives you the following advantages: • Inventory optimisation.   • Risk analysis. • Improved vendor management and compliance. • Secured storage environment. • Logistic best-practice. • Specialized storage and handling facilities. • Handling of special materials. • Adequate capacity to take up voluminous consignments.   Over Dimension and Bulk Cargo: The Break Bulk Shipping Services we offer are very much competitive and also comprehensive. In case, the load is not fitted or overweight, we arrange the Break Bulk Services in a manageable manner. In our Break Bulk Cargo Services, we sometimes Charter vessel from owners on trip or round trip basis as per the requirements at destination & load port. We always take care of the total comfort of our valuable clients while providing these services; their commodities are totally taken care off to always ensure safe delivery.    Shipping Agents: As shipping agents we cater for the needs of both our local and overseas clients and in some cases we manage vessels for our clients. Our services include handling both inbound and outbound goods. We have extended our operations as shipping agents all the way to China where we have operated at a very high level. Apart from our prompt service delivery, our commitment to price stability and the competitive pricing structure of our service are such that the client gets full value for money thus giving us an extra edge over our competitors.   Customs Brokerage:  Our proven customs brokerage and international trade experience make us the one stop place service provider to turn to when you want a single, trusted source for your customs brokerage needs.  Blue Anchor Supply Chain Solutions can handle your logistics and manage your customs brokerage as well as international trade services, all with the goal of streamlining your supply chain. With our network of customs brokerage services firmly rooted in the West African sub region and beyond, Blue Anchor Supply Chain Solutions is the obvious single source to manage your international trade.   Customs Consultancy:  Customs Legislation and Procedures is a complex area that can have a significant impact on business practices and operating costs. It is an area that is often left to third parties, such as Freight Forwarders and Shipping Agents, who may not have the necessary commercial information or knowledge of Customs processes to maximise your duty management systems.  As a company that understands how changes in business processes and Customs legislation affect its clients' Duty Management Systems, at Blue Anchor Agency Limited we keep abreast of all changes initiated by Customs both through the International Customs Code and their local interpretation and assess the effects that this will have on our clients, thus ensuring we are in a position to offer relevant, accurate and timely advice.   Blue Anchor Agency Limited can be an invaluable resource to advice on the effects that changes in corporate strategies and processes can have in relation to dealing with Customs and the regimes required to optimise that strategy.    Blue Anchor Agency Limited specialises in activities that can support your organisation by: • Analysing your corporate business processes and delivering solutions that ensure measurable and quantifiable reductions in your duty and VAT liability  • Identifying the most appropriate Customs Regime to support your business strategy  • Advising on classification, valuation, duty reliefs, preferences, end-use etc  • Conducting audits to ensure continued Customs compliance and best practice  • Preparing fully documented audit procedures to save time and effort during official Customs audits.  • Negotiating and liaising with Customs on clients behalf to ensure agreements of concessions to support business practices and regimes.    Haulage:  Haulage is one of our strongest area of competence point is the providing quality transport solution. We ensure that your goods are always delivered safely, promptly and most importantly you can always count on us for the most convenient transport solution in the West African sub-region. Our fleet of modern and serviceable trucks (both sealed and opened) are supported by our highly experienced technical staffs that ensure that these trucks and their trailer units are regularly maintained in our own on-site workshops.   Safety Measures: In Blue Anchor Agency Limited we see and refer to every member of staff as human capital thus we have in place internal safety and security measures for our numerous operatives, to be sure our human capital is well protected. In the same vein, and in furtherance to our belief in customer satisfaction, we have elaborate measures in place to secure their cargoes. In addition to our private security operatives we also have a structured arrangement with security agencies in Nigeria where we have our home office and have been able to establish very relationships with most security agencies in almost all the transit countries we operate in to guarantee safe arrival of our client’s goods to their various destinations.

Our Services:
We have carved out a niche for ourselves in the realm of cargo clearance and shipping services in the West African sub-region, thus we offer an array of comprehensive logistics services which cater for the varied needs of our esteemed clients in the following areas: 
* import and export clearance for Sea and Air. 
* Freight Forwarding Services for Sea and Air.
* Door To Door Services for Import and Export.
* Warehousing.                    * Over Dimension and Bulk Cargo.
* Shipping Agents.            * Customs Brokering.       * Customs Consultancy.
* Haulage.                        * Safety Measures.
Along with this we also are involved in other ancillary services for the continued satisfaction of clients such as:

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