what is your vision? 21 ways to break the barriers

21 ways to break the barriers

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Your Vision or The vision may refer to Foresight in business, the capacity to foresee future trends and also plan accordingly

Are you still contemplating of the possibilities when Everybody is waiting for you to make an impact with your vision,
the time to start working on your vision is today, You just have to start pursuing your vision now.

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Steps to Empower You to Live a Consistent Life

Action Steps to Empower
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As I thought about their conversation and my battle with consistency, I realized ten action steps that will empower you to live consistent.  

1Determine what’s really important to you and let the rest go. Avoid trying to multi-task. Release the things that will not take you closer to your goals.

2.  Decide to focus on only a few things at a time. You may need to settle on focusing on no more than two thing until   you are doing them consistently

3.  Write down clear and specific goals that you want to consistently work towards.

4.  List all the distractions you will need to remove or overcome.

5.  Break goals down into smaller pieces. Don’t try to do too much at one time this can lead to frustration and burnout.

6.  Commit to consistently working on your goals daily and do it.

7. Expect to get off track sometimes. When you do, forgive yourself, let it go and continue the journey.

8.  Find accountability partners who will encourage you to stay the course.

9.  Remember it takes time to live consistent. It will not happen overnight. Don’t get frustrated and quit when it takes longer than you anticipate.

10.  Reward yourself. Go out on the town or do something cool with your spouse, a friend or by yourself. Celebrate your living consistent for a certain period of time.

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