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What is Facebook marketplace? & Unique Ways To Use It For Business

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During the launch of the Facebook marketplace in 2016, a few geographical locations [UK, USA, Canada] has been a monkey wrench to an extent and to the innovation exposure despite its presence

During the launch of facebook marketplace in 2016, few geographical locations [UK, USA, Canada] has been a monkey wrench to an extent and to the innovation exposure despite its presence

Also, the usual saying that first impression lasts longer has never stopped taking its toll on the innovation within this ecosphere, thus turning it into ever untapped marketing tools and a foothold for aspiring African marketers from other stances

However, everything changed in 2018 when the platform monthly users hit over 800 million users in over 70 countries, still incomparabble to the world population, yet worth where your business should be, to leverage on a sizable portion of the figures

What is Facebook Marketplace?

As it suggests: it’s an open exchange where Facebook users can advertise services, buy, sell new and old items to other users It’s more of the conventional buy & sells pre-owned items platform [jiji, OLX] but technically threat to those establishments from every standpoint

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Things you need to know about the marketplace

As a member, there are certain things you need to be aware of beforehand to steer clear of tight spots at once from the system

Commerce policies

Obviously, Facebook algorithms often ban users for shallow reasons to later revoke their actions with an apology from the team. however, you still want to take your time through the commerce policies to be ascertained mostly with the items/products type officially allowed to be listed on the system,

When you see one of the banned notification message prompting you about going against the community standard, fret not, there is this penalty called Facebook jailed that temporarily restrict blocked users from posting on the site or accessing their account, because of spammy or violated activities, it lasted a month at most before your ad listing visibility comes out of the penalty

Marketplace notification

Every notification on the Facebook marketplace is like an ad that flood every member’s timeline and you hate such an experience

  • Kindly tap In the upper right corner [hamburger]to make your adjustment
  • Scroll down from the list of options to the “settings & privacy” option menu
  • Select “settings” and choose “notifications” settings on the next page
  • Click “marketplace” marketplace to view the notifications
  • Decide on certain devices [such as text messages or push notifications on your phone] or completely use the disable “allow notification on Facebook” option
  • You’ll no longer receive marketplace notifications

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Marketplace badges

While this looks a lot like a stellar option with all on the ground, yet visitors are more inclined to strike a deal with marketplace “superuser” or “very responsive” badge bearer members rather than “new member” badge displayed under a page or personal profile name account in the group

Cultivate a quick response and leave a great prospect experience by treating it as the theme, to earn the remarks at ease

 Facebook marketplace features

  • Filter: people can find what they’re looking for by filtering their results by locations, category, and price
  • Custom bids: people can set custom bids for items
  • Call to action: hit the message button on the ad to negotiate or discuss transactions
  • Transactions: the user may check previous, current transactions and discussions under the “your items” tab
  • Display: create images for an item using the camera option within the app or upload them directly from the local file on the device

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Benefits of Facebook marketplace for your businesses

There are some plus points to the zuck’s tool for businesses and marketers. Below are 3 notable attachments.

Outsell your allies

Ask 100 businesses on Facebook about this tool. Chances are only 5 know about its existence, let alone those of the web

This creates enough rooms for an early bird-like you to rapidly gain more presence than your competitors

Compliments of the house

Knowing how much it would cost for you to advertise in front of 10,000 people on Facebook is important

No doubt, your ad would be more focused, but there’s a good probability that those marketplace organizations with millions of members will accept your prospective customers.

If you reconsider this once again, it’s a lot like a steal

Test your products

Being said, since it’s free, test out an idea of how your product impact/influence your audience

Just do what is needed by slapping [description, product, image, and price] on the world trade fair free of cost and get your answers before proper re-exhibition or use paid ad

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Steps to list your product/service on the Facebook marketplace

So long you abide by the commerce policies, the need for a separate account is of no use as the option is already on the left side option of your homepage

  • Enter the marketplace in the Facebook search bar
  • Then swipe left on the horizontally listed option to click on the marketplace tab

Join the marketplace and supply the required details for your listing


what you are selling



Your item description

Product’s image: up to 10

  • Click the post option

If you have opted in for multiple marketplaces, the “add more listing” option will pop up with a checkbox to amplify your reach

Facebook marketplace allows up to 10 listings on several groups. This is where the heavy lifting of dispatching your free ad [listed offer] to the group members and other unregistered group visitors begin

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The marketplace is a platform to display your merchandise or expertise beyond your physical environment at free of cost, even across the world entirely

So long, you tone down your activities in foreign groups by:

  • Keeping to the daily maximum limit listing [10 groups]
  • Using each group announcement section to stay within the rules,
  • Posting once per day [24 hours] in each group
  • Most marketplace groups also prefer deleting your previous but identical listing before reposting a new ad

Play around, weigh your options to get more familiar with how in tune the platform is with your display

Absolutely, there will be zero sale days, the call-up days will eventually be worthwhile

Tap into it, slap your business on and let us know how facebook marektplace turns out for your business growth in the comments

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