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Automation of sales processes and Tasks Featured

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Automation of sales processes and Tasks Automation of sales processes and Tasks
Sales automation is a powerful way to improve productivity, increase sales, and improve revenue by eliminating time-consuming and tedious workloads and saving thousands of hours.

Here are some of the problems you can get rid of with automation.

Problems that can be solved

When an automated system is created and used properly, potential customers are not lost, tactics and forecasts can be evaluated objectively and the whole team is aware of what is happening.

Here's a look at some common small business problems that sales automation can solve.

Monitoring of potential customers

With automation software, you can automate a series of communication efforts with a potential customer. For example, you can automatically send messages to your customer via emails such as "We missed you".

These messages may be available after a few days or a few months, you just need to schedule their delivery from your lists.

When communication is automated, tracking can continue for days, weeks, or even months, and the sales spare does not have to rely on memory and notes to take the next step. A chatbot can monitor and direct any conversation, allowing the sales representative to speak only to qualified or interested potential customers.

Responds to reluctance

Every sales process starts with a large group of prospects, which gets smaller and smaller as you approach the bottom of the funnel. It is a business fact that many potential customers will not generate sales.

But if you build regular customers and seldom close deals, your sales process could be the culprit. By tracking each step of the process in an automated sales pipeline, you can identify the stages at which you lose the most customers, helping you determine where to make changes.

Where do general and potential customers come from?

With automation software, you can identify the ways in which potential customers enter your portfolio and, most importantly, track whether they have finally become customers.

Only with this information can you definitively determine if your sales and marketing efforts are working and make adjustments accordingly.

What sales agents do

Many small business owners and managers have no idea about the activities of their sales representatives unless they ask what everyone is working on. They organize meetings, send emails and compare notes in an effort to understand the sales situation in the business.

With automation software, the activity of the sales team is recorded in a central system.

Leaders can log on to the system to check the status of each potential customer, study the history of each potential customer's interactions with their business and see the number of opportunities that come their way.

With this visibility, leaders can identify their strongest and weakest employees, train their teams more effectively, and train new recruits more effectively in the sales process.

Steps for sales automation

How do you automate the sales process? Where do you start? Here are five aspects of your sales process that can be automated:


Studies show that sales representatives spend 21% of their day on email. This is a big part of your day, almost a quarter, that can be better spent talking to prospects. This requires an urgent need for email automation.

Priority tools

Your business can get a lot of opportunities from many sources. Some of these potential customers may just be looking for information, while others may be interested in starting a relationship with your company.

While it does not make sense to spend a lot of time with potential customers who are just looking for information, your sales representatives may not be aware of it.

There are, of course, robots that work with artificial intelligence and can rate and qualify a potential customer to help your sales representatives prioritize opportunities.

Customer assignment automation

Automating the assignment of potential customers reduces the response time, which in turn increases the conversion ratio. You can identify potential customers based on geography, industry type, company size, and deal value, making it even easier for the sales representative to get in touch with prospects.

This helps increase sales efficiency by preventing multiple duplicates from reaching the same customer.

Automation of daily tasks

In addition to modular tasks such as sending emails to potential customers, sales representatives perform various administrative tasks on a daily basis. These contribute in small ways to higher sales growth.

Their automation will allow you to better control everyone's execution time and therefore increase performance.

Automation of data collection and reports

Finally, by automating reports, you can eliminate the task of collecting, organizing, and analyzing data manually. This will rule out inaccuracies caused by human error.

Multiple reports can be easily created by selecting appropriate queries and other parameters.

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